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About Us

WATR was founded by Avid Outdoorsman & Tri-athletes. We have been there and pushed our bodies to the limits. We've lived the life. We know first hand how hard it is to stay properly hydrated. We have partnered with the best scientist and labs to bring you the secret to human body performance. Our products have been intensively tested and proven in the most vigorous training scenarios and have shown that with WATR, life is just better. 



Tri Athlete/ Avid Outdoorsman/Pro Angler

Growing up, my life revolved around sports. It led me to a Division 1 college baseball scholarship, where my dream was to be a professional pitcher in the MLB. Unfortunately, hydration was my nemesis. During one game, I was pitching in front of numerous MLB scouts, and in the 3rd inning, my calves were cramping so badly that I had to sit out of the game. The trainers thought I needed to drink Gatorade and eat a banana, but that was not the case. I suffered from a salt deficiency which led to several injuries and the end of my short professional career.

Fast forward a few years and I began to train for my first Ironman. Once again, I found myself cramping and looking for answers. I began searching for the perfect hydration packet that helped my dehydration and that was easy to drink. The packets I found that seemed to do the trick seemed to lack in flavor, and the ones that tasted okay didn't have the supplements I needed. WATR was created to fill the gap between results and taste. After years of testing, I can confidently say WATR is the best hydration packet on the market! I have not suffered from dehydration since, and I can perform at my best.



Major League Fishing Pro / Avid Outdoorsman Avid Runner & Lifter

Through my early years of college baseball and now professional bass fishing I have always struggled with keeping my body properly hydrated. I sweat more than your average person and because of this I have always faced the demons of dehydration, headaches, cramping, brain fog, sleepiness, lethargy, etc. I couldn't find a hydration solution that I enjoyed drinking, and felt really worked for me.  

In recent years I had an emergency room visit from extreme dehydration after two straight weeks on the water fishing.  This was a scary situation and was a major part in my inspiration to formulate the absolute BEST hydration product on the market. We cut zero corners in developing our solution. The contents in our product contain more ingredients, vitamins, and electrolytes than any other brand. We feel like we have nailed it with WATR, and not only do we have the best product from an ingredient standpoint, but our flavors are out of this world.

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