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Zoom CALM WATR (10 packets) WATR Health
Zoom CALM WATR (10 packets) WATR Health
Zoom CALM WATR (10 packets) WATR Health
Zoom CALM WATR (10 packets) WATR Health
Zoom CALM WATR (10 packets) WATR Health
Zoom CALM WATR (10 packets) WATR Health
Zoom CALM WATR (10 packets) WATR Health
Zoom CALM WATR (10 packets) WATR Health

CALM WATR (10 pack)


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Designed for those who are dealing with stress, anxious, or wanting to just chill out at work or before bed. We took our standard hydration formula and added in everything to help calm you down & possibly even lower blood pressure. Made with all natural calming agents including chamomile, beet root extract, ashwagandha, lavender, and more, this formula is meant to be the ultimate relaxed hydration solution. 

Check out what others have said about calm in the review section! 

What's in the Bag

1 BAG of Calm WATR Relaxed Hydration
1 BAG = 10 Packets (1 serving per packet)
8.5g each packet


Benefits of CALM WATR has ingredients known to help with...

💆🏻‍♀️ Reduce Stress & Anxiety
🧠 Improved Brain Function
🍭 Reduce Blood Sugar Levels
🩸 Lower Blood Pressure
💧 Rapid Hydration
❌ No Artificial Ingredients
⚡ More Elektrolytes
✔ Balanced Essential
💪🏻 Vitamins & Minerals
✨ Immunity Benefits
😋 Amazing Taste

CALM WATR (10 pack)


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Relaxing and tasteful

Shawn Luchtel
Love This Stuff!

I take this nightly to literally just CALM down. It doesn't make me drowsy it does exactly what it's intended to do and that's calm my nerves before bed. A good nights sleep and I am ready to go the next day!

Calm Bundle

This stuff really works. I have always had a tough time relaxing when I try to fall asleep. Since using Calm,I have truly felt a difference. It doesn't make you sleepy, but something magical just makes me not as antsy making it easier to fall asleep and wake up feeling energized due to a restful night. Highly recommend.

Casie Telles
Hit the reset button

If you ever had trouble falling asleep and waking up the right way, use this calm recipe. It’s like the best melatonin I’ve ever tried. Wake up wide awake instead of groggy. Clean and ready to roll.

Albert Rock
Calm works!

Most of the time when I call it a night, I have some difficulty falling asleep.
Whether it be from anxiousness for the next day, or stress from the days events.
Drinking water with a pack of Calm Watr helps to eliminate the nervousness and stress I have experienced lately. And that is a huge relief.


WATR is Hydration with a purpose. Our product has a solution for your specific hydration need. Whether it is our hydration from our baseline REVIVE, or a jolt of focused-energy from ALIVE, or a relaxed hydration from the CALM. We have all ends of the spectrum covered for you.

Our Story

WATR was founded by Avid Outdoorsman & Tri-athletes. We have been there and pushed our bodies to the limits. We have partnered with the best scientist and labs to bring you the secret to human body performance. Our products have been intensively tested and proven in the most vigorous training scenarios and have shown that with WATR, life is just better. 

We Give Back

For every bag of WATR sold, we will donate one pouch of WATR to the U.S. Armed Forces & First Responders. They are the ones making the ultimate sacrifice, the least we can do is to give back and help them.

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